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World Archery Congress

Dear Member Associations,

World Archery Congress takes place on 13 and 14 October in Mexico City prior to the WA World Championships.

It is understood that not many of our Member Associations are able to attend, but that does not mean we cannot have a voice.

Under WA rules, a Member Association that is unable to attend in person can give a Proxy vote to another Member Association by completing the attached form. The Member Association the Proxy is given to does not have to come from the same region, so if you have a contact somewhere else, feel free to use that contact, but inform WAO Secretary General.

Please note: The Proxy form needs to reach the WA office no later than 13 September - that is in only one week! PROXY FORM

So far WAO understands that only Australia are attending the WA Congress. If you wish to give your Proxy to Australia, please complete the form, send to info@archery.org.au (copy to WAO Secretary General) secretary@worldarcheryoceania.org.

If you also are attending, please inform the WAO Secretary General immediately, so that the information can be distributed as soon as possible.

Kind regards


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